Client Testimonials

"We strive in our projects to create as seamless an interior-to-exterior connection as possible, and we love the subtlety of hand worked Venetian plaster for this. Septembre Studio provides us with a wonderful combination of these attributes, producing an end product both monolithic and rich, ”denying the fact that it took weeks of work and multiple hands to create the effect. And this is just one of the many quality services Septembre Studio provides to my clients.

Fred Gemmell, Matrix Design Studio

Septembre Studio Venetian plastered much of my home interior. I love their sense of color and impeccable work. I recommend them highly.

Maureen Murphy, Maureen Murphy Fine Arts, Montecito, CA

Those of us in the design community are fortunate to have the excellent artistry of Septembre Studio. They really bring to life the designs we create for our clients. Thank you, Jeffrey and Jeremy, for your exceptional work on Pompeian Court.

Michael DeRose, Michael DeRose Designs, Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you so very much for an absolutely beautiful job. You are now, officially, our painters of choice.

Daphne Moore, Montecito, CA

"I really do hold you guys as the gold standard for craftsmen. Always on time, cheerful, professional, complete and reasonably priced. Please feel free to call on me for any assistance I may provide."

Michael-M. C. Gardner, CCM, General Manager/COO, Birnam Wood Golf Club